In your fantasy, imagine to fly over Dozza medieval village, one amongst the most beautiful cities of art in Italy. You can indeed reach us in any way you may choose.
An oasis of calmness, among the art expressed on the walls by artists taking part in the historical “Biennale”, and the magic atmosphere permeating the entire village.
Rich of legends, like the one about Francesco d’Assisi, who made water to gush out from a well on Monte del Re, where a Franciscan convent rose, and gave hospitality also to Giovanni di Brienne, king of Jerusalem.
Guelfi an Ghibellini, and the more… the Sforza, under the testimony of the imposing and splendid Rocca dominating the village. Nowadays the Rocca hosts the Enoteca Regionale (exhibition of precious stock of vintage wines), and often represents the fascinating scenario for important events and exhibitions.

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Via XX settembre n. 19 - 40060 Dozza (Bologna)
tel. 0542 678200 -
Lu Ma Me Gi Ve Sa Do
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